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Wayne’s World

One of the GOAT’s is back! Lil Wayne blessing us with another project is just what the people needed. Plus, who doesn’t love a fire feature from Takeoff, “Me and Takeoff ’bout to take off, ’bout to flee”. Lil Wayne’s EP, Skateboard Weezy, only incorporates 4 songs, but Wayne doesn’t need much to prove he still has it.

“I Don’t Sleep” is the first song on Wayne’s EP, which includes Takeoff’s feature. On this track Wayne brags about continuously getting money, women, and never taking time to sleep. “Fuck a bed, fuck a spread, fuck a sheet (I don’t sleep)”, Lil Wayne doesn’t need to sleep, or dream for that matter, because he’s “still living out [his] dreams”. But DAMMMNN TAKEOFF, You didn’t have to snap like that!

Track 2, “Big Worm”, Wayne seems to be talking to his girl, “I’m just a call away”. Wayne isn’t known for his “love songs” but this is the closest he may get. With lines like, “Too picky, I cannot just fall for any person” and “Far from egotistic, I done told you that I need you, yeah” Wayne appears to be telling his girl that she’s not like anyone else.

Moving on, “Harden” is Wayne’s third song of his EP and OOOOOOO is that beat soulful. This is my favorite type of Weezy; a soulful beat with a smooth flow. Wayne puts his bragging to the side for this track to continue his personal style. “Love me or leave me”, Wayne alludes to his girl again, open-heartedly professing his weaknesses in his relationships. Contrary to his previous song, the outcome does not look as promising as he says, “So I tried to call, but I couldn’t reach ya, you blocked my number/ I feel like James Harden, you blocked my jumper, goddamn, Funeral”.

Finally, the GOAT reminds us that this is “Wayne’s World” and we’re just living in it. Wayne comes back to his braggadocious self, stating, “Tony Montana said, ‘This world is yours’ / I just said, ‘Sure, it’s Wayne’s World’”. Just in case you forgot.

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