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Nothing to Worry About

Why worry about what’s wrong with the world? All is good again my friends. Isaiah Rashad is back to bless your ears. His first release since 2016, Rashad’s latest single is simply titled, “Why Worry”. This single demonstrates the laid-back rappers smooth flow. Isaiah flocks to soulful, jazzy instrumentals that he can dominate with authentic and raw lyrics. “Why Worry” has a similar sound to songs on his last album, The Sun’s Tirade, but this track will not be featured on his upcoming record.

Zay, as many of his fans call him, went on record saying this song was recorded in 2017. Well, as a fan, ‘where was this in 2017, bro?’ I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Part of his hiatus from the rap game was due to drug addiction as he has admitted. Good to see him back to making music that you can vibe to. Also good to have another TDE artist dropping new music, I will never complain about that.

I think Isaiah Rashad is one of the MOST underrated rappers in the game! A popular artist who consistently seems to fly under the radar. Let us know what you think about Zay’s new song on our socials!

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